Book Art

Eventually, some of the art will be published in the book.  Remember, black-and-white drawings are best for Kindle and paperback book formats.  However, I am going to endeavor to put the pictures that people have drawn and photos in order of the book here. You can click on the images to see them more closely.     They would all bundle up in snow pants and go traipsing about in the woods behind the chicken coop.   Old apple trees formed Gothic arches with their knobby branches.  They would all bundle up in snow pants and go traipsing about in the woods behind the chicken coop.   Old apple trees formed Gothic arches with their knobby branches.


IMG_2098     “Yeah, yeah, a pilgrimage,” put in Martha.  “And this table, (she paused…), this table could be the center of a great outdoor Catheeee-dral!”  Her voice was high-pitched and they all began to laugh again. “Yeah, and we can take communion!” said Malachi. At first, Dad hesitated, “you mean you guys want to pretend to take communion like we do on Sunday?” “Course Dad!  It’s like a wedding rehearsal,” said Mercy,


IMG_2102   The girls, holding their curtsies, were just about to fall over when the King said, “you may rise.”  The King and Queen were dressed in some of the most exquisite attire that the children had ever seen.  Patterns of moonlight and sunlight, stars and galaxies, grass and flowers were woven into their robes.  Both were smiling gently and did not seem to mind the passing of time as they regarded the companions.  The evident wonder in the children’s eyes brought pleasure to the Royal couple.





“And may I introduce Labesh,” he said, as a woman approached with a deep curtsy. Mercy and Martha curtsied in return and Malachi remembered to drop to one knee.  They were getting used to this procedure. She wore a full-length dress with gold colored sleeves and sash, olive green bodice, and delicate embroidery.


IMG_2107   Martha looked around in wonder.  Dress ups!  Mom found dress ups all the time at thrift stores, and garage sales.  The Jones girls were constantly dressing up.  To explore a wardrobe used by Royal courtiers–this was almost too exciting! Martha began thinking.  If they were going to allow her to choose, well she certainly was not going to take the first dress that came to hand. “No sir-ee… What a beautiful sash… maybe I can push the time limits just a little… This one is nice…


sky blue dress   Such a sky blue! It seemed to reflect the color of the sky where the light was coming in at the castle window.  When she placed her body between the dress and the window, its hue changed to blend in with new sets of shades and shadows.  Amazing!  She moved back in front of the window to test her theory –it reflected sunshine and blue again.  She heard footsteps, and realized that Labesh had come to fetch her. I don’t think you’ll find much over here miss,” said Labesh, as she bustled toward Martha through the rows. “May I wear this one?” said Martha, holding up the dress. Labesh came up short, her eyes widening.  “Where did you find that?”



tumblr_mucqoeZnP11rggg5bo3_1280   The table was knocked over with a crash.  One of the dishes cut into Martha’s arm.  The creature then swooped up again, and, with a few flaps of its huge wings, put out nearly all the oil-lights on the chandelier. Then it dove straight towards her.  She knew it by the greater darkness that filled her field of vision.   Now Martha could see the creature much more clearly.  It looked like a demon with wings and it seemed to be made of stone.  It’s eagle beak was stuck in a wide open position.  Before she could even blink, the creature had reached out a huge stone talon in a desperate grab for her.

From Millie and Mercy

From Millie and Mercy

“Have you a sword befitting someone of this one’s stature?” “We have been searching armories since his arrival, sire. He is less than 4 feet tall. The only sword we could find matching his size and strength, begging your pardon (he glanced at Malachi), is this one here.”




“Oww!”, said Gothlond to himself as he accidentally hit the branch of a sycamore tree.  He was still fairly clumsy.  He hated this whole business of being demon possessed.  How lovely it had been to bask on sunny days his archway.  Or, on rainy days, just to let the cool rain water flow through his guttermouth, that was bliss!


tumblr_mucqoeZnP11rggg5bo2_1280   This time, Martha took up the tune. As they sang, sure enough the Patternstone blazed. “Okay, now put it in the bag,” said Miriam. It’s light went out inside the black bag. When Martha brought it out again, it looked like a normal diamond. “Now let’s just quietly hum the tune,” said Miriam. They did and the stone gave out a little light.   At the same moment, Miriam had perceived what was happening.  Beckoning to Mercy, the two of them held Martha’s hands up as Miriam began to sing a Psalm of praise to God using the little horn from the armory.  Her clear voice was like an arrow of confidence piercing the fear infested darkness.  The change in the Patternstone was immediate.  It blazed with a light like sun in a winter sky.  This was the fourth time the girls had heard Miriam sing this particular psalm, so now they began to join their voices with hers.  All of this caused Minotaur to cry out in blinded agony and retreat far down into the abyss.


IMG_2097   By the time the sun came over the edge of the tilting yard on Friday, Malachi was reaching exhaustion. “Lift it again, young Master Ki!” said Duman as he brought his practice sword in for another strike. At the entrance to the chapel stairs, he found Martha and Mercy waiting for him along with Miriam. “Glad it took you so long,” said Martha. “Gave us a chance to rest!” “Okay now, it’s only about 150 stairs,” said Miriam. “But there is a catch. We will all sing victory Psalm 7 as we ascend the stairs. Try to continue to sing even if you’re getting out of breath.”


IMG_1388[1]   Suddenly, many things happened at once.  Malachi had climbed more quickly than Brego had anticipated.  Brego yelled, “Malachi! Slow down!  You’ll be spotted!” Malachi waved to Brego, and was about to say, “I’m fine!”  when he realized that he wasn’t.   As Malachi rose into the air, he saw Duman standing at the cave entrance with his Longbow at full draw.  But he did not shoot.  “They don’t want to risk hitting me,” thought Malachi.


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  1. Millie Owen says:

    Love the pictures!!

  2. Millie Owen says:

    P.S. Lexa is an awesome artist!!!

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